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Christian Love Church is affiliated with the following, which Apostle Karen Johnson-Williams, has birthed, or currently host; as an extension of this ministry.

Kingdom Connection Fellowship of Churches

This fellowship was founded in 2013, by Apostle Karen Johnson-Williams and the late, Bishop Lawrence Johnson. It continues to grow and remains the spiritual covering for many churches in the Tri-State area.

South Jersey Leading Ladies/Leading Ladies Alliance

Birthed in 2015 by Apostle Karen Johnson-Williams, it is a sisterhood that included women in Christian leadership, who positively impact the community. Relaunched in 2023, with a new vision, showing leading ladies from all levels of society, in a different light, outside of the four walls. With a mission to take the kingdom to the world!

Kingdom Leadership Encounter

This became a vision to Apostle Karen Johnson-Williams immediately after the pandemic. She envisions this being a place where Christian leaders gather to be encouraged, strengthened, and revived, as they endeavor to impact the world with the gospel of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.

What About the Children

Founded in 2017, by Apostle Karen Johnson-Williams, with a mission to lift the children who have lost a parent through tragedy.

Courage to Continue

This became Apostle Karen Johnson-William's vision in 2022 and caught on like wildfire. As she endeavors to encourage widows and widowers to keep living. A beautiful banquet is held each year in their honor, with free admission and gifts.

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